Why Does the Bible Compare Us to Sheep?

The Bible is full of references to sheep and shepherds, and while I didn’t raise sheep in the Holy Land, sheep are still sheep, and my experiences have helped me to understand the parallels that the biblical authors draw between sheep and his people. And let me tell you, the comparison is not always complimentary.


  1. Dan

    It is quite funny, when you think about it. We are very quick ascribe all of the characteristics of a shepherd to Jesus, yet we would never go so far as to call our selves sheep. Reading the 23rd psalm takes on a whole new meaning when you start to think that the shepherd metaphor only works if there are sheep.
    “ I am a dull and useless critter, whose very existence is dependent on your rod and staff. You lead to green pastures and quite waters, where as left to my own devices I may run off a cliff instead.”

    • Trent

      See, I should have taken a crack at rewriting the 23rd Psalm. It would have been a good edition to the video. You did it very well. And I love your observation that we like to think of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, yet resist our identification with the flock. Thanks for viewing.

      • Dan Veeneman

        I never would have thought of this on my own. Your videos always cause me to sit and ponder for a while. Sometimes that can be dangerous, but sometimes it can lead me to exciting places.

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