lauradbusiness0 / Pixabay

In Africa, Take-Out is more expensive than Eating-In.

Well, at least it is Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Just after just picking up some Take-Out Sushi.  My wife and I discussed whether or not the tipping percentage should be different for Take-Out than for Eating-In. She then recalled that she always paid more for Take-Out when she lived in Africa. I thought this peculiar, as did she when she first encountered it. But then someone explained it to her.

It has to do with the fact that with Take-Out, you are leaving the store with something extra–the container in which the food is packaged. Any of the costs associated with Eating-In is not a factor, since most of the labour is performed by a family member and the dishes can be washed and be as good as new.

In the mind of the restaurants proprietors, there is a tangible sense of loss as the cardboard container walks out the door.

I just thought you should know.