Zombie r usHopefully, I have made the case that the modern zombie is a monster for our time.  Like all monsters, they challenge cultural identity, but these are our monsters—our identity.

They are completely immanent; they possess no transcendent ability or power; they transgress immanent categories including between the self and the abject.  They rip our bodies apart, reminding us of our own immanence, and they kill us, which in the modern understanding of death is annihilation.

They have no cause that gives them meaning; in fact, they pretty much chew up all traditional valuesThey don’t really represent evil any more than the heroes of Romero’s zombie narratives represent good.  Further, they terrorize our individuality by annihilating it through absorption into the horde.

Zombies are unique in the monster pantheon.  They not only represent the monstrous other.  They also represent the monstrous self; they are a reflection of us—modern selves.


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