Why Christians keep bugging you about Jesus.

after rescuing Marahute, Cody accidently falls off the cliff.

The First Fall

I was walking down Granville Street in Vancouver yesterday.  There was a man standing on the corner of the busy intersection yelling things about Jesus in an aggressive cadence and passing out pamphlets.  Most people had a smile on their face as they continued down the street.  They ignored him in much the same way as they’d ignore a guy selling ironing boards.  More than a few wondered, “Why even bother?”

It is very rare when a movie clip gets as close as this one does to capture a Biblical truth.

Take a look of this short clip from Disney’s The Rescuers Down Under.

The boy falls twice.  The first time is just after he rescues Marahote from a poacher’s snare.

A little later he falls again.

There is no difference in altitude from the first fall to the second, but there is a significant difference in attitude.

In both he is equally helpless–falling to his death, in fact, unless someone intervenes.  Christians believe that everyone is falling and none of us can fly on our own power.  We also believe that there are two alternatives as to how that fall will end, and one of them is really really good.  And the other one . . . not so much.  The guy on the street yesterday cared so much that he spent hours trying to tell the good news to people he didn’t even know.

Christians can be annoying at times, but given the cliff and the eagle and all, it sort of makes sense, doesn’t it?

The Second Fall

The Second Fall

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