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  1. Frank (Sam) Wilson

    June 21, 2018 at 5:54 am

    Of course as soon as i check in i see this headline: League of Legends versus Dota 2. I see that you have put much thought and time into your points. but you forgot to mention the fact that league is making very poor decisions with everything in their game. and Dota has made mild changes that help it along instead of drastically changing the meta to where ADC is useless unless you play one of 3 specific well as the many new champions and reworks they’ve done. as well as changing runes, adding runes, and making resistances as useless as a burnt out light bulb. As well the meta (as far as i know) in Dota is much less rigid. I don’t personally play much Dota, as you know, I do believe that most aspects of Dota 2 are far superior to most aspects of League of Legends. So many that if you ask me to name superior aspects of league, I can’t name any. I wouldn’t even count how fast the games are to be that great of an aspect for league of legends. because that would mean one team got steamrollered while the other steamrolled. which means its an enjoyable experience for one team, but the other team has the most un-enjoyable time for however long the game is. Thus Dota 2 is better than League of Legends. Although I will continue to play league because I cannot run Dota 2.

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