We had some pretty big winds in my corner of Canada this past weekend. It really messed up the traffic lights.

My daughter suggested that the various scenarios we experienced this past weekend were instructive.

I went through intersections where all the lights were black. People dealt with the absence of direction in two ways. The more thoughtful treated it as a 4-way stop, but others blasted right through, either oblivious to the situation or in reckless celebration of this unusual freedom.

In some places they had the opposite problem: I heard that when power was restored to some intersection, all the lights showed green. Apparently, in the absence of any restriction, there were numerous fender benders.

I went through an intersection where the lights in all directions were red, except a green left turn arrow. The 4-way stop procedure worked well until a vehicle drove down the left turn lane with the arrow. This confused the working order of the whole intersection.